" Thinking outside of the box with problem solving and a great attention to detail makes ElectricMan Contractor Palm Springs indispensable to my business. They are shockingly good! "


Dean - owner of BLACKBOOK and The Evening Citizen

" I use ElectricMan Contractor Palm Springs at my place in Palm Springs. They are always responsive and do a great job.
That is worth it's weight in gold! "


Sia - Singer, Songwriter, Actress and Producer

" I have used ElectricMan Palm Springs Contractor for over 10 years on three of my businesses. They also completely rewired a house and two condos and had excellent lighting ideas!
I happily would recommend them to anyone. "


Mark Van Laanen - owner of On the Mark and co-owner of TRIO

" We have used the ElectricMan Palm Springs Contractor at our home and our 4 restaurants since 2012. They are responsive, efficient and knowledgeable. As business owners we don't have time to wait for technicians to fix a problem - operable equipment and facilities are crucial. John and Steve have saved the day on many occasions! "


Mark & Liz - owners of Tac/Quila, Farm and Clandestino

Ross Matthews


" John and his team at ElectricMan Palm Springs Contractor worked at two separate properties for me in Palm Springs. They are great! "

Five Stars!


Ross Matthews- Television Host and Personality



" We have trusted and depended on John and his team for 21 years, as we have grown from 1 to 4 locations. All along the way they have worked on our build outs, remodels and service needs at a minutes' notice. For all of those reasons they are an amazing value. They have become an important part of our family and we cannot recommend them enough to all small business owners. "


John Abner  - Owner


Oasis Rental Team


" As a vacation rental management company there are many times that we need an electrician quickly since we have guests in our properties.  ElectricMan Palm Springs Contractor has always come through for so many years. They are knowledgeable, pleasant, friendly, caring and able to resolve any issue. Thank you to our trusted vendor ElectricMan! "


The Oasis Rental Team -

Michael Corbett


" My partner & I have used ElectricMan faithfully since 2009. We have undertaken several remodels in Palm Springs over the last decade & hired them because of their proficient knowledge in all electrical upgrades but importantly home automation/cameras to aesthetic needs like mood & art lighting. They are masters at helping us with our finishing touches on the homes.

They are indispensable! "


Michael Corbett - Star of Extra, The Young & the Restless, Mansions & Millionaires - Actor, Author &  Producer